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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Kids calling home today

Its unusual when the boys call home on the same day, unless maybe for their Mom's b-day, but that's what happened today. So what could be happening to get them both to call today?

Well, the eldest's POS Escort (redunancy alert!) has apparently given up the ghost, limping into some off street parking with smoke billowing and barely pulling itself. This is the car that I put a used engine in for him, 2 years ago. I told him then that he should be working to shop it off and trade it for something more reliable but he's run it all this time without significant problems. Until now.

So he's walking and I'm guessing the car needs towed off to a pick & pull yard. Hopefully he will be looking at a tax refund very soon that he can use it to get back on wheels.

The youngest boy is job hunting pretty diligently, ever since he was told that he would be laid off at the end of this week. Today he told his mom that he is traveling to south Salt Lake tomorrow to interview at a luxury car dealership where one of his former Job Corp instructors is employed. He also intends to travel to Heber to interview with a small shop that builds off-road truck accessories and custom trucks. And apparently, if he figures out how to get there, he has an interview with another off-road fabrication shop in Aspen, Colorado! Somehow he thinks there are hippie chicks hanging out on the streets of Aspen and he wants to meet some of them!

Everytime the boy changes jobs, he has to load up about 1000 pounds of tool box and tools. He really needs to build a permanently mounted trailer on that toolbox so he can jack it up and attach a tow bar to it for his moves. Or take up piano tuning that might take a little smaller toolbox!

Anyway, they continue to work towards real adult behavior and decisions. But they call their mom, never me. I wonder why.

UPDATE: After thinking about this post overnight, I wanted to make it clear, neither boy called home complaining or begging for either help or money. I consider this pretty grown behavior. Mostly they are calling to keep us informed, maybe to grouse a while to a sympathetic ear and to get some positive feedback about their lives and decisions. I've got to call the oldest boy about that car, after thinking about it fpr a bit. If he has any luck at all, he might just have burst a water hose and overheated things a bit. Maybe I can get the younger brother with all the tools to see if he can help out older brother with the busted car. Wouldn't that be perfect?

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